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revolution of social rating

Every year, social networks are gaining popularity, giving users the opportunity to communicate, exchange information, entertainment and just spend a free minute watching their friends. On the other hand, social networks have become a powerful tool for businesses when promoting their products/services by targeting the user audience.

The REPU system (abbreviated from English – "reputation") is a revolutionary project that allows you to completely rethink the way social networks are perceived. REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology. Technology allows you to completely replace the system of “likes” with the rating - both for users and for companies. The rating, subsequently, can be used as an assessment tool in various areas of the individual’s life - starting with professional skills, financial stability, and ending with all possible aspects of behavior and interaction with the public.


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How it works

Our 90 seconds video will help you to understand how REPU system allows you to completely rethink the way social networks are perceived. REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology.

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Time, objectiveness, feedback on employees, fragmentation - are only a small part of today's problems

Nowadays, social networks represent a huge database, nearly about every person on earth. By possessing this information, networks provide companies an opportunity to purchase advertising with maximum targeting of the audience of their interest. Thus, a company can create its own page on a social network to present its products / services to users. On the other hand, there are pages of ordinary users as individuals, where a person has the opportunity to blog, share photos and stories from his/her life, and also search for products / services on a social network.

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REPU is a platform that allows its users to use the rating and feedback system in everyday life.

Key features for users:

  • Providing rating (scores) instead of “likes” for social content.
  • Providing ratings and feedbacks about companies
  • Managing the company’s reputation for its owners
  • Professional rating for recruiters

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Funds Distribution




Price for companies

Price of tokens, that will be selling to companies for REPU services



  • 2016 year 4-th Quarter

    Reputation management and social networks – global market analysis. Development of the primary idea of the platform.
  • 2017 year 1-st Quarter

    • Team building
    • Development of the project concept
    • Development of prototypes
    • Initial financing
  • 2017 year 2-nd Quarter

    • Studying blockchain in terms of platform integration perspective
    • Risk analysis, associated with blockchain
    • The start of the platform development
  • 2017 year 3-rd Quarter

    • Platform integration with blockchain
    • Closed alpha testing of the platform
    • ICO market analysis
  • 2017 year 4-th Quarter

    • Whitepaper Development
    • Smart Contract Development
  • 2018 year January

    • Pre-ICO stage
  • 2018 year February - March

    • ICO stage
  • 2018 year 2-nd Quarter

    • Closed beta testing of the platform among ICO participants
  • 2018 year 2-3 Quarter

    • Public testing of the beta version of the platform
  • 2018 year 3-4 Quarter

    • Platform release

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